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    Teaching Sign Language to Children Who Are Too Young to Speak

    I recently received the following e-mail from a customer who is learning Spanish with our program.

    “We have an au pair coming from Madrid in April to help care for our first newborn due then. We intend to raise
    our children bilingual in both Spanish and English.”

    First, I congratulated him on his good judgment. Then I suggested that he tell his friends that he was using the Angelina Jolie French learning method for teaching his children Spanish.


    How Canadian Labeling Laws Can Help You Learn French at the Supermarket

    Even if you don’t live in Canada!

    Canadians and visitors . . .

    French Labeled Squid

    This box of frozen squid, at a supermarket in Hawaii (USA) is labeled in both English and French.

    to Canada, know that products sold in Canada have to be labeled in both English and French.

    It’s one of the things that Canadian customs checks for when products cross the border.

    What you probably didn’t know is that these Canadian labeling laws make every trip to a Canadian supermarket AND every trip to a US supermarket a chance to learn more Canadian French.


    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Sings “Blueberry Hill” for Children’s Cancer Research

    You’ve just gotta love what some politicians are willing to do for a good cause. Take Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, for example.

    When the cause was a benefit concert for children’s cancer research in St. Petersburg, he picked up the microphone and sang the Louis Armstrong version of “Blueberry Hill” . . . in English!

    When the show’s emcee asked him to sing, he didn’t want to at first, but she finally talked him into it.

    Then he sat down at the piano, tapped out the tune and sang the melody. Unfortunately, his microphone was turned off.

    Then the band picked up the tune, so Putin walked to center stage, where he started to sing.

    He had Maceo Parker’s excellent jazz band with some back-up singers accompanying him, so when you watch this YouTube video, you can’t always tell exactly how he sounds.

    But where you can hear him clearly, he’s definitely on key and having a good time!


    How Angelina Jolie Is Teaching Her Children French — And How You Can Too

    People often ask me, “How can I teach my 3-year-old French or Spanish?”

    I always say, “First let me tell you how Angelina Jolie is teaching her children French.”

    The first thing you should know is that she isn’t spending a penny more for her children to learn French than other Hollywood moms are spending whose children aren’t learning French.

    So what’s she doing?