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Japanese Learning News

Teaching English in Japan.

Why would you want to? For people who have an interest in Japan, learning Japanese is a dream. But learning Japanese is hard. Truthfully, textbooks and typical courses don’t prepare you for learning to communicate in Japanese. One of the biggest points is that they push the “proper” or polite . . . 
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Working in Japan

No way! When I was first studying Japanese in college, my professor told us about the JET program. It was a way for people to go to Japan to live and teach English. I thought, “No way!” I’d never live in a foreign country! (I’ve been here for almost 13 . . . 
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What to do when you can’t understand.

When Japanese people learn English, they are taught to say, “Could you repeat that please?” or “Could you speak more slowly, please?” Consequently, when we learn Japanese, we are taught to say the same kind of things. Sounds like a good idea, but there’s just one problem: it doesn’t work. . . . 
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Golden Week

5 day weekend!   One of the many things that surprised me after coming to Japan was the large number of national holidays. Like most Americans, I had a very strong stereotypical image of Japanese people. Work was everything and your own pursuits don’t matter. To be honest, that is . . . 
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A New Year Has Begun!

Spring has sprung   In earlier posts, I mentioned that the new year (fiscal, school, etc.) begins in April. I guess it’s a habit from the Lunar calendar. April is also the time for one of the most exciting (to  Japanese people) events of the year.   Ummm, they’re just . . . 
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Particles (a brief explanation)

A Simple Explanation (Video) Particle Explanation は (HA) (pronounced WA) is the topic marker. It tells you what the sentence is about. There is no English equivalent. 私 は(topic) アメリカ 人 です。 Watashi WA amerika jeen dess. (I am an American.)[literally: I America person is.) が (GA) is the subject . . . 
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Another Extra Season

Spring is in the air! Back home, that’d sound like a good thing, but not in Japan. Japan has very distinct “events” through the year, and allergy season is one of them. Even though I grew up in an agricultural valley (a big one) I never had allergy problems. In . . . 
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