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    About is a team effort.

    First I’ll introduce some of the team members. Then I’ll tell you how got started.

    Photo of President Brent Van Arsdell President Brent Van Arsdell

    The picture on the left is me. My name is Brent Van Arsdell, and I am the founder of

    I’m a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

    I’m a wild enthusiast for learning foreign languages and for using technology in the right way to make language learning easier.

    My  approach to developing language-learning software is simple. “If we can test something and prove that it works, we do it!”

    I’m Available for Interviews

    If you would like to interview me or have me on as a guest for your podcast or webinar, please e-mail me.

    Programmer Emeritus — Christopher Morrison

    Chris Morrison

    Chris programmed all of the original code for this web site.

    Chris is an honors graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with two degrees, one in computer science and the other in aerospace engineering.

    Chris has programmed for Language for six years and has written concise, elegant, well-commended code on three different continents.

    He currently is currently getting his Ph.D in nuclear engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he is designing safer nuclear reactor fuels!



    Programmer — James Adler

    James Adler - Programmer

    James loves to program!

    James is a talented programmer who has what we like to call “rapture of the bits.”

    He absolutely loves programming, and he’s good!

    James is a 2016 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in computer science.  Congratulations James!




    Programmer — Nik Pashchuk

    Nik Pashchuk Programmer

    Nik loves solving difficult programming problems.

    Nik’s favorite programming languages are Java and PHP.

    To relax he can solve a rubix cube in 60 seconds and for speed he can do it in 40 seconds.

    He love hiking, bicycling and painting in photoshop.

    NIk is a fan of Japanese technology and culture and wants to visit Japan after he learns Japanese.




    Programmer — Dima Petrukha

    Dima Petrukha Programmer

    Dima at his desk on casual Friday.

    Dima’s favorite programming languages are HTML and CSS.

    He love to travel without doing too much advance planning.  He simply buys a ticket and goes!

    In his free time he like watching new movies with friends,  and making videos.

    Dima has visited 10 countries and plans to visiting many more.

    Customer Service — Thomas Wyse

    Thomas is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Thomas will set up additional accounts for your family members, reply to your e-mails, answer your questions, and generally make you feel right at home.

    Spanish Teacher — Edgar Mencos

    Edgar recorded most of the Spanish lessons you’ll hear on this site. He’s one of the people who give Mexicans their reputation for friendliness.

    And too many more to mention

    The team is really quite big, especially if I were to count everyone who has contributed substantially. All of our language lessons have been recorded by educated native speakers with lovely voices.

    How got started

    Back in 2005, I was studying Russian using the Pimsleur language course, and it was working. What fun! I could actually communicate (a little) with these strange new sounds.

    Unfortunately, every time I got done with a Pimsleur lesson, I ended up saying, “Man, that was boring!” There had to be a better way to learn a language.

    Next, I tried Rosetta Stone, but it didn’t work at all. Then I tried a lot of programs that you have probably never heard of, and they didn’t work either. Pimsleur worked, but it was slow and boring.

    It was a good thing that I learned how to solve problems at UIUC, because now I had a big problem. I was having so much fun learning Russian that I was pretty sure I wanted to learn several other languages too, and at the rate I was learning Russian with Pimsleur, I was going to grow old and die before I learned all the languages I wanted to learn.

    In 2006 I started to think seriously about how to develop foreign-language learning software. In December of 2007, I hired my first programmer, and we started developing a program.

    Learning foreign languages and traveling the world has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I went from being a typical American who couldn’t speak any other language to being able to speak conversational Russian and being able to have fun in French and German.

    Brent Van Arsdell

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