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    Jobs at is now recruiting employees. is an international online educational company.

    We sometimes travel to international destinations.

    1. It’s a lot of fun.

    2.  We get more done that way.

    For example, when we make new German lessons, a group will go to Germany for several months while the German lessons are being made.

     How Much Money Will I Make?

    Your salary will be competitive based on where you live.  When you travel, all of your food expenses, your travel expenses, and your accommodation expenses will be 100% paid for, so you will be able to keep what you earn.

    Growth opportunities, educational opportunities, travel opportunities, foreign language learning opportunities and more.

    Are There Any Other Jobs Like This?

    It’s a little bit like working on a cruise ship with a really good home port. On a cruise ship you get free travel, and we give you free travel.  A cruise ship moves every day, we move at least two time per year.

    On a cruise ship you get free food.  When we travel we give you free food too, but we give you premium food, not cheap food.  The reason we give you premium food is that the boss is a health enthusiast who wants to be surrounded by happy healthy people.  If you eat cheap food and get sick because of it, then you sneeze on him and get him sick, that’s a terrible deal for him.  That’s why he gives you free premium food.

    On a cruise ship you get a free place to stay.  We give you a free place to stay too when we travel, but it will be nicer than your tiny cramped room would be on a cruise ship.  On a cruise ship you will work 80 hours per week.  With us you will work 40 hours per week.

    Good References Provided

    If you do good work, we will give you an excellent reference letter if you decide to take another job.

    Passport and Travel Document Assistance

    If you don’t already have an international passport, we will pay for you to get one and help you get it.  We will also pay for and help you get visas and any other travel documents you may need.

    What Specific Jobs are Available?

    We are looking for people to do the jobs below.  All jobs require that you know English well enough to work in English.  Your English doesn’t have to be perfect.

    The more foreign languages you know the better.

    1. Online Marketing English – Do you know the basics of online marketing and list building.  This is an e-mail marketing, social media marketing and overall online marketing job.

    2. Recruiter– Can you help find the right people to work with us?  This is a sales and human resources job, only you aren’t selling products, you are selling a really cool job.

    3. English and other language teachers – the more foreign languages you know the better.

    4. Computer programmers –  We do web programming so we need people who know Linux, Apache, MY SQL PHP and WordPress.  We are also looking for an Android programmer and a server administrator.

    Other Job Requirements

    We are looking for people who are:

    1.  Happy, energetic and friendly.

    2.  People who would like to travel with our team and live in several different wonderful places every year.

    3.  Like learning new languages.

    4.  Health conscious people who want to eat less sugar and junk foods and eat more healthy foods like salmon, seafood, meat, poultry, nuts, fresh vegetables and berries.

    5.  People who want to live outside of their home country.

    Who is Anyway? is a small company.  We make software for learning foreign languages.  Please check out our home page and try our free demos here:

    You can read our story here.  You can also read more about company founder Brent Van Arsdell, here.

    How to Apply

    Apply using the links above and please also use notify us using the “contact us” form to make sure your application gets the attention it deserves.