9b. How Your Fear of Losing Money Can Help You Learn

by Brent Van Arsdell

Everyone has a different amount of money in their mind that it would hurt them to lose. I’ll call that your personal “ouch point.” It is a loss big enough to motivate you to avoid it. How big your “ouch point” is depends on how much money you have and what your personal attitude toward money is.

For example, you may be more motivated to avoid losing $1,000 than Bill Gates would be. A few rare souls aren’t motivated by money at all.

It’s good to get rid of all your fears, but until you do that, why not use your fear of losing money to help you learn a language? You can easily do that with a money motivator system.

Put Your Fear to Good Use

A money motivator system works to help you learn a language like this. You deposit money with a company. You need to deposit enough money so that it would really hurt if you lost it. How much this is will depend on how much money you have and your attitude toward money.

That company eventually gives you the money back (or not) depending on whether you studied or not. Meet your study goals and you get it all back.  If you don’t meet your study goals, you don’t get anything back. It’s that simple.

Of course, there are some important details. You need to decide how many weeks or months you will use to study your language. You also need to find a fair and impartial judge to honestly evaluate whether you reached your goal or not.

What Happens When It’s Over?

When your time period for study is over, your judge will decide if you have achieved your goal or not. If you’ve achieved your goal, you get your money back. If you didn’t achieve your goal, you don’t get your money back.

Sorry! Could Make This Easy For You

Here’s how it would work. First you would sign up for one of our language packages and pay for it.

Next we would ask if you wanted to sign up for our optional “Money Motivator” plan. You would then pick the number of weeks or months during which you planned to study. You would also say how much time per day or per week you wanted to study.

Our language program would then record exactly how much you studied and exactly when you studied. You would be able to see this from your personal statistics page.

We Want to Give Your Motivation Money Back!

At, our success comes from your success in language learning. If you achieved your study goals, we would celebrate giving you your “Money Motivator”refund!

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