Shameless Self-Promotion: Four Reasons Why is Better

We Saved This For Last!

1. You Will Learn Useful Phrases The Very First Day

With you will learn practical phrases, on your very first day.  You won’t start with a list of nouns that you later have to piece into useful sentences.

Compare that to Rosetta Stone, in which you spend hours with flash cards, memorizing words before you learn practical phrases. Which would you prefer?

2. Slow and Fast Audio Recordings Make Learning Easier

When you hear a foreign language, it can sound just like a stream of noise at first. solves that problem.

You can listen to native speakers talking at normal pace or slow it down to listen extra closely. When you have the flexibility of hearing the language both ways, you develop excellent pronunciation quickly.

3. Know What You Know or Know What Your Students Know

At the end of each study session, you see an overview of the words and phrases you’ve learned and see how well you know each one. Then you can pat yourself on the back for the words you conquered, and also know what to focus on next time.

If you are helping students learn a language you can easily check their progress.

It’s a simple one button check of how much you have learned.

4. Learn Without Forgetting: The Spaced Repetition Method programs use a clever but simple trick to make sure you remember what you’ve studied. With the Spaced Repetition Method, you are automatically prompted to review older material right when you need it most.

For example, you are learning to say “please.” After five seconds, you are prompted to say “please.” Twenty seconds later, you review “please” again. Then a minute goes by, several minutes, and so forth, until the word is part of your vocabulary.

This method is a fast, scientifically proven way to build new memories. What good is studying if you don’t remember it later? And if you don’t study for a few weeks, or even months, this Spaced Repetition feature will help you get your “forgotten” knowledge back in no time!

Extra benefits of the programs:

  • Access to a constantly growing collection of articles about effective learning on our website.
  • Four user licenses per purchase that never expire.
  • Free software upgrades.
  • Study from any computer with Internet access.

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