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What our 2016 Customers Say About Us

People who try our free demo for 30 minutes or more usually buy our software.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us in 2016:

– After the trial lesson I remembered phrases for days, so I decided to get serious and purchase the whole lesson
Chad A L.

– Quick paced, simple lessons for homeschoolers.
Robert J S.

– I enjoy the ability to access more than one language and have more than one user.
Alexandra D.

– The program forces me to speak it out loud and move along quickly.
Mark S W.

– I like Pimsluer but felt it was too slow and I also need to see the language in writing. I also use Rosetta paid for by company. I like it for vocabulary but found it frustrating for conversation ability.
Wilfred K M.
– I have an education background in Math, Physics and Music. I have worked in church music over 40 years and in IT with network administration and support. I am drawn to your product without a second thought … wow! The planet urgently needs more people like YOU guys!!
Daryel A N.

– I love that I can access from my work computer!
Andre T B.

– Love the tempo of your study program and the continuous repetition of the phrases I didn’t speak properly!
Derek O.

– Rosetta Stone is awful compared to even the short sample that I did before purchasing. I highly recommend this site to my fellow students in my Japanese course and plan on showing my Japanese tutor!
Kyle C G.

– As I am a visual learner I needed to see and hear the phrases. I also have a learning disability and need to repeat the words over and see them. Your software is very user friendly.
Mary O M.

– This works!
Mike B.

– I want to learn to speak, and am not so interested in reading or writing. I have used Rosetta Stone, but it had more focus on literacy than I wanted to have. I am an educator in English as a Second Language, with a Master\’s in teaching ESL, so I understand the principles of language acquisition. I tried your demo lesson and liked your methodology and philosophy.
Andrea T.

– I’ve used Pimsleur for another language and liked it, I’ve also tried Rosetta Stone and did not like it. I like your method using visual and audio reinforcement and that I can use it on my phone.
Kenneth B R.

– I already have several pimsluer lessons but I like that your super language package includes all the languages for life. I also like the multiple user names that you make available as my family and I have for decades shared our language lessons with each other. I think your program will be a great addition to our family.
Celia J.

– I have tried many other approaches; this one is very unique and motivating. I really like the fast pace.

Jared M.

Video Review of Yabla.Com

June 3, 2016: is extremely good at taking you from not knowing anything in your new language to being minimally conversant.  What we don’t do is take you from being conversant to being fluent. Yabla just might get you fluent.

But Yabla definitely won’t get you fluent if you don’t follow our advice on how to use it.

Watch our video review of to learn how to make the best use of Yabla, or read the transcript if you are a speed reader in a hurry!

Learn Your New Language with Movies (3 New Videos)

April 14, 2016:  Lot’s of people try to learn English or other languages with movies, but it usually doesn’t help much. In this post we introduce you to a very successful method for learning Spanish, English (or your favorite language) with movies.

The original 36-minute video we are summarizing here has more than a million views on YouTube. Our version is only 5 minutes and covers all the key points.

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Learn Spanish Using Your Visual Memory

Saturday, March 11, 2016: Is it possible to quickly learn and effortlessly remember new Spanish words or any other language’s words and phrases?

The short answer is both yes and no. For a few people who learn how to retain words and language (sounds) by using their visual memory (pictures), this will seem like a miracle. They will learn very quickly. But most people won’t get much out of this approach.

To understand the paradox of why learning sounds using mental pictures will work like magic for some learners but not for most learners, you need to know more about the very important thing you are trying to change when you learn Spanish or your favorite new language, which is . . .

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Learning Spanish for Back to School Success

August 12, 2015:  It’s back-to-school time, and a lot of parents are thinking about how to help their children learn Spanish. We can help.

In school, Spanish is usually taught with a strong emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and taking tests. It’s not a method that we recommend. However, unless your family is homeschooling, you are stuck with whatever method your school offers, and of course you still want your favorite student to excel!

We are now offering two free online Spanish lessons. Our Spanish teachers can help your children excel in any school Spanish program they might find.

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Free Spanish, English, and Russian Lessons

August 31, 2015:  We are now scheduling two free 50-minute online lessons for people who want to learn Spanish, English, or Russian. These are personal online lessons with you and a skilled language teacher.

We are doing this to promote our online school. So contact us and book your free lessons today.

If you are a Ukrainian speaker, please read our free lessons page in Ukrainian.


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Why You Need a Passport Card

May 12, 2015:  You may have heard about the passport card that the United States Department of State now issues. Of course, in theory it’s only officially “valid for international land or sea travel between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda.”

The Department of State charges extra for a passport card, and you still must have a passport book if you are going to fly to an international destination, so you might think that you don’t need the passport card. Trust me, get one anyway.

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30 Days to Make Your Language Habit Stick

January 9, 2015:  Experts say that it takes 30 days to make a new habit.

So if your plans for 2015 involve learning a new language—if you can study at least five days per week at the same time and place every day—you will form a new language-learning habit, and it will stick.

Read our articles on how to learn any language, and try our free demo to see if our program is right for you.