Video – What is Language Learning?

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What’s Changes When You Learn a New Language?

Let me ask you an unusual question. What is language learning?

You’re here because you want to learn a new language, right? So, tell me, what really is happening when you learn to understand and speak the words of a new language?

Something has to be changing when you learn a new language so, what is it?

Neuroscience Answers That Question

The answer to that question comes from neuroscience. As you learn a new language, neurons in your brain physically move and rewire themselves to let you understand and speak your new language. When you learn a new language, you’re literally building new wiring in your brain.
So, what is language learning? Language learning is the process of rewiring neurons in your brain so that you can understand and speak a new language. It’s a neuromuscular skill, similar to learning to play a new sport.

Let’s say you want to learn a new language faster and forget what you learn slower. To do that, you’ll need to learn and understand the favorite saying of neuroscientists everywhere.

The Favorite Saying of Neuroscientists

That saying is: “Neurons that fire together, wire together”.
Here’s an example of what “neurons that fire together, wire together” means for language learners: Imagine that you’ve just heard a new phrase in Spanish and someone told you what it means.

The neurons of understanding have just fired once and the phrase is in your short-term memory but these neurons have only fired together once, so in a few seconds you will forget the phrase.

I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s the way it works.

How Our Software Works

Our software works by quickly teaching you two new foreign language phrases then, just before you forget the first phrase, you will review it again and fire the neurons of hearing, understanding, and speech again.

When you study with our software for just one minute, you will fire your neurons of understanding and speech together many times. Every time your neurons of hearing, understanding and speech fire together, they will wire together more tightly.

There are Lots of Different Learning Methods

There are many different methods of language learning that will help you pass a test on the last day of class but memory scientists say that our method of learning produces what they call a “flatter forgetting curve”.
Traditional methods of learning are okay for things you want to learn just once and then forget. Our method of learning is for people who want to learn a language once and then keep what they’ve learned for a very long time.

There is No Such Thing as Learning Without Forgetting

No method of learning is right for everyone all the time.

What I want to do, is to invite you to try a free language lesson right now and see if our method of learning is right for you.

So click on your new language above and remember to study quickly. Our method works the best when you study quickly.

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