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+- How long have you been in business?
We started developing in 2007 and opened for business in March of 2009. Our company founder, Brent Van Arsdell, has been an educator on the internet since 1998. You can read more about us here.
+- Is your website secure for ordering online?
Yes, and here’s how you can tell. On desktop computers look for the padlock symbol on line at the top of the page that begins with https. The padlock tells you that the page is secure.

On phones look for a padlock near the top of the page. The padlock tells you that the page is secure.
+- Money back if you get laid off.
A lot of people want to learn a language to improve their career or get a better job. We think that's great! So to help you move forward today and learn with confidence, we offer a money back if you get laid off guarantee.
For those of you who have already been laid off, we will give you your money back if you don’t find a new job in 90 days.

Here's how it works.

If you get laid off within 90 days of starting our program, just take a quick picture of your official layoff paperwork and email it to us.

We will issue you a fast refund and you will be more employable for your next job with your new language skills.

If you have already been laid off, please email us a copy of your layoff paperwork right away after signing up.  Then if you haven’t found a new job in 90 days, you can simply email us to ask for a prompt refund.
+- I already know a little bit of the language I want to learn. What package should I buy?
You probably should order either the 1,2 & 3 level for your language or if you are interested in learning more than one language, order the All Languages Super Package.
+- Do you have an app for your program?
No. You access our program directly over the internet. You can study from any computer with an internet connection. If the free demo works, the full version will work.
+- When will we charge your card?
We need to know that your card is good, so we charge during the checkout process, then we immediately void the charge.

So you will see an immediate charge then an immediate void.

If you have elected to pay now and save 10% during checkout instead of having a 30 day free trial, you will see an additional charge during checkout for the amount of your purchase less 10%.

If you choose the 30 day free trial again during checkout, we will then charge your card the amount you owe at the end of the 30 days.
+- Is there anything that gets shipped?
No. You get instant access to our program via the web. As an aside, this is the “greenest” way to learn a language because we don’t ship you a box that will end up in your local landfill.
+- Can I use my Android Phone, or iPhone or iPad to Study?
Yes, works on all phones that support HTML-5 which includes Android phones and all iPhones and iPads. Check the free demo on the device you intend to use and if the demo works fine the full program will too.
+- I currently don’t know very much of the language I want to learn and I want to become fluent. Will your program get me there?
There are three parts to the answer:

Part 1: If you are a complete beginner the program will move you quickly towards fluency. If you are already conversational – but want to improve – we can still help you move towards fluency. We suggest that you order our “1 Package” or our “1, 2 & 3 Package”.

Part 2: After completing leves 1, 2 and 3...
  • You’ll be able to speak and understand common conversations about everyday subjects.
  • You’ll be able to travel with confidence.
  • You’ll know how to talk to people in your new language in ways that will make them into instant friends.

Part 3: After completing level 1, 2, and 3…
  • You will not have a college level vocabulary.
  • You will be able to converse with confidence at a basic level.
  • No one will think you are a beginner anymore.
+- Can I install your program on my home computer, my work computer and a new computer I’m buying soon?
Yes. You can easily access our program from several different computers as long as you have a good internet connection at each location. It is very easy to study from different computers or change computers.
+- My wife, children, and I all want to learn the same language. How many copies of your software should we buy?
Just one; Our prices are per household, so you only need to buy one copy of the language per household. Businesses get one primary and five sub accounts per copy that they purchase.

For technical reasons, however, everyone in the household (or business) will need to have their own username paired with a unique email address because everyone will learn at a slightly different speed.

Our system automatically assigns one username and password as you checkout. If you have others who want to study in your family or group, you can now automatically set up their accounts without having to wait for customer service. Here’s how to do that.

Log in and go to the home page for the language you want to learn first. Look at the left of the page for the headline Study Links. Below that click on “My Home Page”. Scroll down on my home page to either add a sub-account or add a gift account.

The only difference between sub-accounts and gift accounts is that gift accounts let you print out a beautiful gift certificate if you would like to do that.
+- Can be used by children?
Yes. If they are old enough to read a newspaper they can learn with Please read our for Children page for more information.
+- I want to learn French, Spanish and German. Do I have to buy a separate program for each language?
No. You can buy our “All Languages Super Package”! This lets you study as many of the languages that we offer as you want to study and saves you a lot of money in the process. You’ll also get all new languages for free as they are added.
+- How do I give as a gift?
Select the package you would like to give as a gift and check the “Give as a Gift” box as you start to check out. After you check out, go to the home page for the language package you are giving and look on the left for the “Study Links” headline.

Under “Study Links” click on “My Home Page” page and then scroll down. You will be able to create up to five additional gift accounts at no additional charge.

Some people like to wrap up this certificate and give it as a gift.
+- Can I study with someone else’s username and password?
No. You each need a separate username and password otherwise neither of you will learn much. This is because our program adapts to each person’s unique learning style.
+- Do I have to complete the program by a certain time?
No. Your access to the online learning center never expires. You also get free program updates as they become available.
+- Can you add other languages?
Yes, and we have done that. Canadian French, Japanese and Danish are all new additions since we started. People who buy the Super Pack get the new languages we add for free.

If you have a particular language you would like us to add please contact us.
+- Can I buy a Level 1 course now and then upgrade to a package price by paying the difference?
No. To get the discounted package price you’ll need to purchase a package now. You can always purchase level 2 or 3 later but you’ll pay the regular price.
+- What are your prices?
Our prices can be found at the links below. We also offer installment payment plans. Click on one of the flags below to see details.
+- When do my payments become non-refundable?
We have a free demo and a 30 day free trial. After you have signed up we will offer you a 20% discount in exchange for paying at the time you sign up instead of paying at the end of 30 days. Your payments are final and non-refundable either at the end of your 30 day free trial or if you choose the 20% discount during sign up.

That helps you lock in your commitment to learn your new language.
+- Is your "12 Payment Then Lifetime Access" plan a contract?
No. You can cancel any time and not owe anything more.

We won’t refund any past payments, but if you cancel, you won’t owe any future payments.
+- I can’t afford to invest in your language learning program but I really want to learn a new language. What can I do?
If you are on a tight budget, sign up for our Level 1, monthly plan and learn as much as you can before upgrading. You can learn a lot with our level 1.

Click on your flag below and then scroll down for monthly prices.
+- What kind of ongoing support is available?
You can call us or e-mail us with any questions you may have. We always reply within 48 hours, usually less.

You can also click on the button in the bottom-right corner of any page to start chatting with a real person.
+- Something didn’t work on your website. Can you fix it?
Yes, we almost always can. You can solve many problems on websites (including ours) by clearing your cookies and cache.

Try that first. If you don’t know how to do that on your computer do a search for “Clear cookies and cache on (my browser) on (my operating system). If you were using the Chrome browser on a Mac, you would type, “How to clear cookies and cache on Chrome on a Mac.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, please use our contact us form and tell us what happened. Please tell us what the problem was, what time it happened, where you are located, and what browser and operating system you are using. That will help us fix it a lot faster.
+- Why is your company named What’s the 101 for?
In the United States and Canada, there is a traditional way of naming university classes. It works like this. If you are going to study economics for several years, your first course will often be called, “Economics 101”, the next year you will study “Economics 202” and so on.

So for Americans and Canadians, instantly means, “This is going to be your first course in your new language.”

The rest of the English speaking world doesn’t have this naming tradition. That means if you had this question, there are at least a billion other people in the world who would have had the same question as you did.

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