How I Have Incredibly Pleasant Language Experiences

 Stories like this happen to me every week. They will happen to you too, if you Learn Russian, Spanish, French, or German with

How I Met a Russian Girl in New Zealand

I was buying a sandwich at a deli in Auckland, and the woman in front of me had a lovely accent. So I said to her, “I like your accent. Where are you from?” She said, “I’m from Russia.”

So I asked her in Russian, “Would it be OK if we talked Russian?” She smiled and said, “Da.” After lunch and more smiles, I wondered if the best decision of my life was to learn Russian.

How I Made German Friends in Hawaii

I was having lunch at an Indian restaurant in Hawaii when I met a German couple. I wanted to practice my German, so I asked them in German, “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?”

Then I said “I love Germany” in German, because if you love something you should always say so.

In the next four days, we spent a lot of time together, and I learned things you can’t learn in school. When they flew away, I cried, but my tears were happy tears.

The Secret of Having Very Pleasant Language Experiences

If you are an American, imagine that you were traveling to a foreign country and the first thing a new acquaintance said to you in English was, “I love America.” You’d feel great if that happened, wouldn’t you?

Well, saying, “I love (whatever country they are from)” and really meaning it will make a person who speaks Spanish, French, German, or Russian feel great too.

When they feel great, all kinds of wonderful things start to happen. They invite you over to dinner, they invite you to stay in their homes, and they introduce you to people you will like. In short, magic happens.

Why Is the Best Place to Learn Your Next Language is designed to do two things. It will help you enjoy your language learning experience, and it will really help you enjoy speaking Spanish, French, German, Russian, or another language.

Yes, my language program will help you learn much more quickly than you would with other programs. But it’s how I teach you to use your new language that will make your life better.

You Don’t Have to Wait to Start Loving It!

I teach you how to have these incredibly pleasant human interactions in your new language right away. You don’t have to wait until you are fluent!

You can start learning the phrases that will make people really like you right away.

What Should I Do Now?

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