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Les Jameson Learned Spanish at Age 74


Pastor Who Learned French

Pastor Eric Little learned French with

Pastor Learns French With

I am a pastor and has helped me learn spoken French far better and faster than any other of the other language programs on the market, and I have tried most of them.

Other programs took way too long for me to learn what I wanted to know.  Just put in the time each day and you will be amazed how fast you learn and retain what you have learned.

Eric Little, Cameron, South Carolina, USA

Learning Spanish in British Columbia Canada

Nita Flack learned Spanish in British Columbia Canada.

When I tried another picture-prompted trial Spanish tutorial, I was immediately discouraged. Being in my 50’s, I thought maybe I was too old to learn. My first thought was “there goes my life-long dream of speaking Spanish!”

Then I found the introductory lesson of Spanish with and felt as though I learned something immediately!

 I needed to hear how the phrases sounded as well as read them after I try a phrase. Being able to track my studies and manage my lessons allows me to feel in charge of my own learning progress and I often found myself studying long after I intended to stop because I was just so excited and having so much fun!


Having traveled to Belize, Panama, both coasts of Mexico and Costa Rica it was so frustrating to want desperately to communicate in such a beautiful language and be unable to.


Now at 61, I feel it can only go up from here and find it’s such a rush being able to speak to someone in Spanish and make myself understood! The outcome is well worth the work – a little like standing on top of a mountain after the climb! [Remarkable Picture of Nita on top of a Mountain.]


Nita Flack, Prince George, BC, Canada


No Monkey in the Tree Phrases

I like how “you hit the ground running” with language 101 by learning everyday useful phrases. There are no “the monkey is in the tree” phrases.

Brian Barnett

Brian Barnett is an anesthesiologist from Naperville, Illinois, USA

(you must check out Eddie Izzard’s hilarious YouTube routine on language learning).

I have tried another nationally recognized language tutor which introduces words and concepts prior to useful phrases. The result was my enthusiasm for learning quickly waned, and I had very little to show for hours of study.

Slow Recordings are Good

I’ve also utilized the “speak slowly” on several occasions when there appears to be a barrage of phonemes at normal spoken speed. This has proven to be useful to me on numerous occasions.

The staff at are passionate about learning languages, and more importantly, how to study. Speed and repetition are emphasized over perfection. I have noticed that as I start a new lesson, that my recall will be “shaky” at first.

As the lesson progresses, older phrases from previous lessons will “pop up” and most of the time I can say them very confidently because I have already repeated them numerous times.

Fun With Native Speakers

I happened in to use a phrase which had the word “appetizer” in it to a native Russian speaker whom I work with. She smiled at me because she hadn’t used that word for a long time but she let me know I had said it correctly. She then waxed nostalgically how she loves Olivier salad.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly is the accountability feature. The website keeps track of how much study time I’ve put in which incentivizes me to keep going.

Brian Barnett
Naperville, Illinois, USA

Wendell Grant – Orlando Florida

Wendell Grant

Wendell Grant – “I Like the approach and the teaching

Wendell doesn’t waste words.


He said, “I like the approach and the teaching style.”





Adopted from Russia to America

I’m from Oakland, California. Though I was born in Novorossiysk, Russia. I was adopted at age 5, with my brother. Just about a year ago I found my birth family and we had our reuniting this past summer.

It was an amazing trip, with lots of love and warmth going around, along with many memories that came rushing back. With all this excitement I had asked my Russian sister if I could live with her for a year, after high school. Where I could teach her family English and get my Russian back. And she agreed!

My American dad found the website while searching the web for Russian lessons for me. Though I was planning on going to Russia not knowing the language, my dad suggested that I check this site out.

I got really into this website, and I decided that I should know some Russian before going there, so I wouldn’t get lost in the airport, or have awkward moments with my family.

Anyway, I absolutely love this website. Though I have just started, I am already learning so much. I thank you So SO SO much for creating this site.

Valentina, Oakland, California, USA

New Zealand Chef Learns French

My name is Lydia and I live in New Zealand. I learned French with because I am a professional chef and I am interested in French cuisine.

Also when I went to Tahiti, I used my French language knowledge there. Most Tahitians speak French in their daily life.

I like because I can learn French anytime, anywhere and at a time that is convenient for me.

Lydia, New Zealand

Athlete Learns Spanish

I am from Liverpool in the UK although I am currently a university student in America on a soccer scholarship.

Lots of my teammates and friends are Hispanic and I would love to be able to communicate with them in Spanish, their native language.

I have been very impressed with the service that language101 provides. Initially, I had been told about Rosetta Stone and I was doing some research about their product when I came across yours.

The “try before you buy” service is a very effective marketing technique and it is the primary reason why I am so interested in your language program.

It is extremely easy to use with no gimmicks or smoke and mirrors, just straight to the point learning.

The technique of learning in phrases with both the meaning and a word for word translation presented is very beneficial to me as it allows me to see the whole picture in my mind.

Furthermore, the method of re-visiting questions frequently seems to be very helpful in training my memory and is both challenging and stimulating. I am very excited!

Andrew, Liverpool, UK

Language Teacher: Possibly the Best Existing Software

I did a search for “review Rosetta Stone,” because I was wondering whether anyone had in fact reviewed it and found it wanting. I found this site, whose sample Russian lessons I am going to recommend to my students.

I suspect that this would be the best existing software for language learning. Pretty expensive … but looks like, for once, it might be worth it, as opposed to the Rosetta Stone.

I’m impressed by a few things: one, that there are songs and movie clips. Two, that they have a word for word translation and also a separate meaning translation. Three, that they have some of my favorite songs and movie clips there!

Michele, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Why We Developed

“Someone should make it easier to learn a foreign language.” But of course, there is no “someone” who will make things easier, or more beautiful, or who will make them with more love.

There are only two people, you and me, who can make things better for all of us.

Have you ever heard people talk about food that’s made with love? Well, that’s what we are trying to do with our language program.

Our program isn’t perfect, but we are continuously back in the kitchen of bits and bytes, adding tasty cyberspace ingredients like more simplicity and more ease of use.

It’s a recipe for foreign language learning that we hope you will find delicious!

Lead Developer,

I want to learn

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