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Objections to Learning English with Songs

Not every English teacher recommends learning English with songs. In fact some teachers think it’s a bad idea. If you want to learn English with songs, it’s very important to know what they don’t like about learning English with songs.

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Why Prime Ministers Learn English With Songs

In December of 2010, Prime Minister of Russia, Vladamir Putin was learning English. As you might expect, he had the best teachers in the world.

They had him learn a lot of songs in English as part of his English learning program. Note that they had him learn this American classic song from the 1930’s called Blueberry Hill and probably a lot of other classic clear songs.

Now he speaks English well enough to do occasional interviews in English.

So if Prime Ministers learn English by using songs, shouldn’t you?

Top 5 Beatles Songs – Covers – for Learning English.

Whoever owns the copyrights to the Beatles songs, doesn’t allow them to be posted on YouTube. So people post them, but YouTube immediately deletes them.

So these are all Beatles songs, but in this playlist they are all performed by different artists, not the Beatles.

Enjoy and learn.

If you have better covers that you like, please suggest them in the comments below. Please also ask any questions you like in the comments below.

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