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    How to Learn Four Japanese Words in Thirty Seconds

    Some things about learning Japanese are easy. Really easy.

    Click on each fruit picture to see how fast you can learn to say banana, kiwi, mango, and papaya in Japanese.

    I bet you did it in less than thirty seconds.


    How to Use With a Tutor

    I got the email below from Jim.

    “My wife is a native Russian speaker and wants to look ahead in the lesson so that she will be able to speak to our son in the words and phrases he just learned.

    Thank You

    Thanks for the email, Jim. Let me restate your question in a way that will hopefully help you and a lot of other people like you.


    How to Study a Language While Traveling by Car, Train, or Bus

    Learning Spanish, or any foreign language requires that you pay attention to studying your language. That’s why we do NOT recommend that you study while driving. We want learning a language to make your life better, not distract you and cause you to have a car wreck.

    However, if you spend a lot of time as a passenger in cars or trains you may want to use some of that travel time to study a language. Here’s what we recommend.