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    How to Study a Language While Traveling by Car, Train, or Bus

    Learning Spanish, or any foreign language requires that you pay attention to studying your language. That’s why we do NOT recommend that you study while driving. We want learning a language to make your life better, not distract you and cause you to have a car wreck.

    However, if you spend a lot of time as a passenger in cars or trains you may want to use some of that travel time to study a language. Here’s what we recommend.

    Mobile wi-fi box from Verizon

    Study languages as a passenger in your carpool with this mobile wi-fi device.

    Either buy a cheap laptop or tablet that can access the mobile Internet network of mobile phone companies like Verizon and AT&T, or get a mobile wi-fi card like this one from Verizon.

    It’s like having an instant Internet cafe everywhere you have cell-phone service.

    I used this method with studying Russian for over an hour, and it worked well.

    Of course, you still have to be able to hear the foreign language while you are riding as a passenger.

    We highly recommend using a headset that completely covers your ears so more of the noise is blocked out.

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    3 Comments to “ How to Study a Language While Traveling by Car, Train, or Bus”

    1. Emily

      I found that there’s another type of headphone that works well: it’s designed like an earplug, so it fits inside your ear to block out the noise.

      • Brent Van Arsdell

        You mean it is intended to both seal out the noise and be a in ear headphone at the same time? Sounds pretty good.

        What are these headphones called and where can you buy them?

    2. Emily

      Oh they’re available anywhere: BestBuy, Amazon…just google “noise reducing ear buds” or variations of that and you can find all different brands that sell them.

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