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    Advice for Learning French From a Language Genius

    vous êtes Barack Obama.

    If you're learning French and you see this man say, "Vous êtes Barack Obama."

    How would you like to be able to speak over 10 languages and read almost 20?

    Dutch language genius Mark Benninga can do that.

    French is one of his favorite languages, so, we’ve asked him to share some of his advice for learning French.

    The Little Prince – in French

    The Little Prince

    When we make language lessons we always try to bring you the best of every culture.  Of course with French culture there are so many wonderful things to choose from.

    If you are learning French you absolutely must take time to listen to this audio recording of our French teacher reading a selection from “The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    First, click on the link below.  Next Click on the “Play Complete Lesson Soundtrack or Video” button.  If you don’t yet know much French, you can read the translations in English by scrolling down the page as the teacher reads.

    Try to focus on how you feel as you hear the teacher read the story.  I think you will find as I do that it is stunningly beautiful.

    Le Petit Prince – audio.