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    Can Getting an A in Spanish Class Keep You From Learning to Speak Spanish?

    Motivation to learn Spanish Surprise

    According to author Dan Pink, grades really don't motivate us to do something like learn Spanish.

    You might guess that getting a reward like money or a good grade would really motivate us to do something good like learn Spanish.

    But according to Daniel Pink, author of “Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” that’s not how motivation works.

    Read more about how to improve your motivation to learn Spanish.


    Advice for Learning French From a Language Genius

    vous êtes Barack Obama.

    If you're learning French and you see this man say, "Vous êtes Barack Obama."

    How would you like to be able to speak over 10 languages and read almost 20?

    Dutch language genius Mark Benninga can do that.

    French is one of his favorite languages, so, we’ve asked him to share some of his advice for learning French.

    How Many Times Have You Studied that Phrase?

    Times Studied:  6

    The phrase "Times Studied: and then a number shows how many times you have studied this phrase."

    Sometimes it would be nice to know, “How many times have I studied that phrase?”

    We just now made knowing the answer a LOT easier by adding a feature that shows you the word, “Times Studied:  ____”  This appears at the top of the main study screen.