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    The Little Prince – in French

    The Little Prince

    When we make language lessons we always try to bring you the best of every culture.  Of course with French culture there are so many wonderful things to choose from.

    If you are learning French you absolutely must take time to listen to this audio recording of our French teacher reading a selection from “The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    First, click on the link below.  Next Click on the “Play Complete Lesson Soundtrack or Video” button.  If you don’t yet know much French, you can read the translations in English by scrolling down the page as the teacher reads.

    Try to focus on how you feel as you hear the teacher read the story.  I think you will find as I do that it is stunningly beautiful.

    Le Petit Prince – audio.

    German Fahrts

    Learn German Fahrt

    German has some funny words like Fahrt.

    When you learn German, you’ll notice that it has some funny words.  Take the word Fahrt for example.

    It sounds a lot like the English word fart, but as you might have guessed it has a completely different meaning.

    If you are learning German, you’ll definitely enjoy our article on  German Fahrts.

    Jet Lag For Travelers

    Melatonin for jet lag.

    If you just take melatonin for jet lag, you are missing several safe and easy remedies.

    Getting over jet lag just got easier.

    If you are planning a trip that crosses more than a couple of time zones you will probably want to read my article on jet lag remedies.