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    Archive for August, 2015

    Learning Spanish for Back to School Success

    August 12, 2015:  It’s back-to-school time, and a lot of parents are thinking about how to help their children learn Spanish. We can help.

    In school, Spanish is usually taught with a strong emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and taking tests. It’s not a method that we recommend. However, unless your family is homeschooling, you are stuck with whatever method your school offers, and of course you still want your favorite student to excel!

    We are now offering two free online Spanish lessons. Our Spanish teachers can help your children excel in any school Spanish program they might find.


    Free Spanish, English, and Russian Lessons

    August 31, 2015:  We are now scheduling two free 50-minute online lessons for people who want to learn Spanish, English, or Russian. These are personal online lessons with you and a skilled language teacher.

    We are doing this to promote our online school. So contact us and book your free lessons today.

    If you are a Ukrainian speaker, please read our free lessons page in Ukrainian.