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    The Japanese Lessons Are Finished!

    The lessons have been done!

    It’s been a year and a half in the making, but we have finished the Japanese lessons.

    What has been done?

    An extra set of lessons were added for the student beginning from the very start. They are titled, “Introduction to Japanese.” There are four of them. These lessons have been pared down to their simplest form. For those of you who are familiar with Japanese, you know that it can be quite a complex language. Actually though, Japanese conversation can be really concise! In fact I have found that if I am not in a conversation from the beginning, it can be pretty hard to understand what people are talking about.

    Ear training

    When learning a new language, the hard part in the beginning is catching the individual syllables and the unfamiliar sounds. Especially if the sounds are very similar to the ear of a new learner. The introductions lessons have been pared down to the very basics so as to make them easier to hear and remember. However, the lessons have not been unnaturally oversimplified. The Japanese that is taught in the lessons is real Japanese as it is used in everyday conversations.

    After you finish with those four lessons, you can then go on to the Ultimate Beginners Lessons. You an also look at the lessons to learn the two basic writing systems, hiragana and katakana. These lessons will help you become familiar with the sounds of Japanese.

    The Basics

    There are a number of basic lessons to help you get started from the beginning. There are counting lessons and also basic greetings. There are many lessons to help get you started with learning Japanese that you can choose from.

    Pre lessons

    There are also pre lessons that you can do to help prepare you for the full lessons. The pre lessons have a variety of practice styles. Most of the time, there are two sentence patterns to focus on. The pre lessons will swap certain key words so that you can learn to say a wide variety of things. You will be shown different words to use in the focus sentences.

    That’s too much!

    When doing the lessons, don’t worry about the Kanji. The lessons at are about what you hear. The kanji and the literal translations are just helps. Your ears will get you through it!