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    Higher Blood Sugars May Hurt Language Learning

    Do higher glucose levels affect your ability to remember and learn new words? German researchers in Berlin say, yes, they do. The 141 Berliners in the study were asked to remember words (presumably German words) for different lengths of time. Those who had higher blood sugar levels remembered fewer words than those with lower blood sugar.

    The volunteers were all within what is commonly called the “normal” range of blood sugar. Even within that “normal” range, people with higher average blood sugar remembered less well than people with lower average blood sugar.


    Why I Can Now Speak German, Russian, and Spanish

    You Can Do This Too!

    January 5, 2014: I’m not a genius at language learning. When I hear a foreign language word the first time, I forget it immediately. When I hear it a second and third time, I forget it again and again.

    But when I use the software, I learn quickly and forget slowly. Here’s how I tested my language skills in 2013.

    On November 4, 2013, I flew from Seattle to Frankfurt, Germany, for two very pleasant days spent talking German and never leaving the Frankfurt Airport. I stayed at a hotel in the airport, got my hair cut at the airport (speaking in German), shopped at wonderful stores, and ate at great restaurants, all without ever leaving the Frankfurt airport.

    I was able to speak quite a bit of German because several years ago I studied about half of our German lessons. I also try to speak German every chance I get, which is not very often. But when you study with you will learn quickly and forget slowly.