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    Join Alliance Française

    Parlez-vous français?

    “No” is the most likely answer you’ll get to this question if you ask people off the street. If you’re living in an English-speaking country, Francophones are something of a novelty. The best thing to do is “parler francais” if you want to learn the lingo. I’m not suggesting standing in front of the mirror and having a lovely “conversation en français.” From experience, I know you can’t get very far. Your reflection won’t be too willing to correct your mistakes! I’m also not suggesting you ask for a baguette en français at your local Anglophone bakery. Everyone will stare at you with that “you-should-be-in-a-mental-asylum” look. But don’t worry; you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to France.

    There’s a solution in your neighborhood—a place where you can “parler francais” freely as though you are in “l’hexagone.” Alliance Française is the world’s largest French language school. In addition to teaching français, this organization offers a variety of events where members can practice their French and learn about French culture. You will be surprised just how much you can learn at Alliance Française. (more…)

    Religion in France

    France is traditionally a Catholic country, and boy can you tell! In Paris you will find some of the most renowned Catholic churches, such as Notre Dame (Our Lady). In nearly every village, regardless of size, there will be at least one church or chapel. In fact, a few months ago I was staying in a French village made up of only a dozen buildings, one of which was a church.

    But that does not mean that France is still held firmly by its Catholic roots. Since 1905 France has been a secular state. According to the last census, 62 percent of the population are Catholics, 26 percent are without religion, 6 percent are Muslim, 2 percent are Protestant, and 1 percent are Jewish. Many of the people who call themselves Catholics are baptized, but no longer practicing. Many of the churches scattered in the countryside are no longer used. Some churches celebrate mass only sporadically, as there just aren’t enough priests to go around. (more…)

    Eleven Ways To Learn French Faster from A Dutch Language Learning Genius

    by Mark Benninga

    Mark Benninga can speak 10 languages and read 20. Read his advice for learning French below.

    I think I am a language genius.  I am able to pick up new languages at an extremely fast rate.

    I can also imitate accents, pitch and intonation on a level ordinary people rarely attain.  I can read 20 languages and I am solidly conversational in over 10 languages.

    I’m Not Bragging

    I don’t say this in order to brag about it because I believe that any gift people possess is a gift God imparted.   But as the American sports figure Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it!”

    So how can I help you, a typical American without ANY knowledge of a foreign language?

    Here’s my list of tips that will help you learn French faster and have more fun.

    You may discover that you have talents you never dreamed of!

    1.  Start with Simple Examples . . .