Learn Your New Language in 84 Hours!

Eighty-four hours of studying Spanish (or your new language) can change your life! If you study your new language with for one hour per day for 12 weeks (that’s 84 hours total) you will be able to speak it well enough to travel in countries where your language is . . . 
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Higher Blood Sugars May Hurt Language Learning

Do higher glucose levels affect your ability to remember and learn new words? German researchers in Berlin say, yes, they do. The 141 Berliners in the study were asked to remember words (presumably German words) for different lengths of time. Those who had higher blood sugar levels remembered fewer words than . . . 
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Why I Can Now Speak German, Russian, and Spanish

You Can Do This Too! January 5, 2014: I’m not a genius at language learning. When I hear a foreign language word the first time, I forget it immediately. When I hear it a second and third time, I forget it again and again. But when I use the software, I learn . . . 
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How I Use my Language Skills When Traveling

November 27, 2013: When you get off your airplane in another country, it’s great to be able to speak the local language right away. Here is how I do that. I study with our software one hour per day for at least eight weeks before I make a trip. Eight weeks is . . . 
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Take the 30-Day Language Learning Challenge!

Are you traveling to another country this summer? If so, you’ll have a LOT more fun if you learn to speak a little bit of the language. What Can You Learn in 30 Days? Thirty days is not enough to take you from knowing nothing to being conversational. But you may already . . . 
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