Video Review of Yabla.Com

Yabla Review is extremely good at taking you from not knowing anything in your new language to being minimally conversant. What we don’t do is take you from being conversant to being fluent. Yabla just might get you to fluent. But Yabla definitely won’t get you fluent if you don’t follow . . . 
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Learn Your New Language with Movies (3 New Videos)

Lot’s of people try to learn English or other languages with movies, but it usually doesn’t help much. In this post we introduce you to a very successful method for learning Spanish, English (or your favorite language) with movies. The original 36-minute video we are summarizing here has more than a million . . . 
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Learn Spanish Using Your Visual Memory

Is it possible to quickly learn and effortlessly remember new Spanish words or any other language’s words and phrases? The short answer is both yes and no. For a few people who learn how to retain words and language (sounds) by using their visual memory (pictures), this will seem like a miracle. They . . . 
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30 Days to Make Your Language Habit Stick

January 9, 2015:  Experts say that it takes 30 days to make a new habit. So if your plans for 2015 involve learning a new language—if you can study at least five days per week at the same time and place every day—you will form a new language-learning habit, and it . . . 
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Learn Your New Language in 84 Hours!

Eighty-four hours of studying Spanish (or your new language) can change your life! If you study your new language with for one hour per day for 12 weeks (that’s 84 hours total) you will be able to speak it well enough to travel in countries where your language is . . . 
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Higher Blood Sugars May Hurt Language Learning

Do higher glucose levels affect your ability to remember and learn new words? German researchers in Berlin say, yes, they do. The 141 Berliners in the study were asked to remember words (presumably German words) for different lengths of time. Those who had higher blood sugar levels remembered fewer words than . . . 
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