New Study Tools to Learn Your Language Rules

Our main study tool used spaced repetition and is an excellent way to grow your knowledge of your new language. In our main study tool, prompts are presented as English text and you will learn to recall and speak the foreign language translation. It’s probably the best way to start and learn a lot of your new language.

But what about making sure that you can both read the foreign language text and understand it or listen to the foreign language audio at full speed and understand it and reply? Being able to think of what you want to say in English then correctly saying it in your new language, will NOT automatically make you able to understand it when you hear it.

To solve the problem of reading and understanding your new language and to help make selective review of specific lessons much faster, we built a new tool called “Study in Order”.


Practice hearing and responding to various prompts.

When you use this tool you can decide whether to be prompted with English text, foreign language text, foreign language audio, or both foreign text and audio. Not only will it teach you how to speak your new language, but also how to understand when you read it or are spoken to. It’s also a very fast way to review specific lessons or groups of lessons.

This tool is especially useful when combined with our conversational lessons. You’ll follow along with conversations between native speakers who talk about common situations you will probably find yourself in.

We don’t yet have a public demo of this study tool

So use the “Pricing” button above to start your free 30 day trial of our program and give this new tool a try.

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