How to Learn Spanish With Songs

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Songs can be a very effective part of your plan to learn Spanish or any other language. I’ve met several people who spoke excellent English who had learned it primarily by memorizing a LOT of English songs. When I asked them how many they had learned, they never knew, but they . . . 
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How to Not Fail at Language Learning

Here’s the sad truth about language learning. “Most people who try to learn a language fail.” There are two primary reasons for this failure and when you understand these reasons you will be well on your way to success. The First Reason for Failure The first reason is that they . . . 
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To Learn Spanish Faster – First Walk Faster

If you spent just 20 to 30 minutes walking briskly or doing some other exercise at a pace that was “almost hard” and then immediately studied a language that you wanted to learn, what do you think would happen during your study session? According to Dr. John Ratey, author of the . . . 
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New Study Tools to Learn Your Language Rules

Our main study tool used spaced repetition and is an excellent way to grow your knowledge of your new language. In our main study tool, prompts are presented as English text and you will learn to recall and speak the foreign language translation. It’s probably the best way to start and learn . . . 
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Rolling Out a New Web Design

We recently rolled out a new web design that we hope you like. Please let us know what you think! Our software still works the way it always has and our team is the same great group of people who make things happen. Enjoy! Brent
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Who Should and Should Not - Buy Our Program

We recently programmed a new feature that we should have done way back when we started in 2007. It’s a “Leaderboard” that us see exactly who is studying and how much. After we programmed this feature, we called the people who had succeeded with our program and talked with them. Now . . . 
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