Which Personality Type Does Our Program Work Best For?

We recently programmed a new feature that we should have done way back when we started in 2007. It’s a “Leaderboard” that us see exactly who is studying and how much.

After we programmed this feature, we called the people who had succeeded with our program and talked with them. Now we know exactly what kind of personality that people have who are likely to have good success with our program.

Conscientiousness Predicts Language Learning Success

Almost all of the people who have learned languages well with our program, have a personality that is highly conscientious.

These are people who buy organizers and use them. They are people who often will go five years and never miss a day of work. Their friends call them reliable and organized. Often, they have completed a graduate degree in a competitive field.

They are not “go with the flow” spur of the moment people. If you want them to do something, they need to put it on their schedule. These people have a personality that naturally gives them staying power and discipline.

They make plans and then keep them.

Examples of Our Best Students

Dr. Brian Barnett is an anesthesiologist from Naperville, Illinois who is learning Russian with our program.

Consistently at the top of our leaderboard is an anesthesiologist from Brooklyn who is learning Spanish. He absolutely never misses a day.

Next on our list is Patrick Donovan, a lawyer from New South Wales Australia who is learning Japanese and he never misses a day either.

We have another anesthesiologist in Naperville, Illinois, Dr. Brian Barnett who is learning Russian very successfully.

One of our best customers is Les Jamison, who had a long career building power plants and he is as reliable as the power plants that he has helped build.

What do Our Success Stories Have in Common?

What these people have in common is a personality that makes them very disciplined. You don’t get through law school or med school without the natural ability to sit down and study complex things over a long period of time.

You don’t get to have a career building power plants without being a person who is just as reliable as the power plants he is building.

Conscientious People are Very Likely to Succeed With Our Program

What I now know from talking to my customers who have succeeded is this:

People who have a high level of achievement in any discipline that requires diligence over a long period of time are very likely to learn a language well with our program.

If you haven’t missed a day of work in the last five years, then I can confidently recommend our program to you. You are probably the kind of person who will follow our instructions and learn a lot of your new language.

Predict Your Language Success With This Free Online Personality Test

If you aren’t sure how high you are in conscientiousness, or of you would like to know how conscientious you are compared to other people, take this fast and free online personality test. Skip the optional parts.

Interpreting Your Results

If the test above shows that you are in the top 10 percentile of conscientiousness, then all you have to do is to buy our program, follow our study suggestions and instructions and you will learn your new language well. Nothing else is required for you.

Can I Learn A Language If I’m Not Conscientious?

If you don’t have a personality that is naturally high in conscientiousness, then you will have to do something to force yourself to stick to your study program. I’m not a naturally highly conscientiousness person, so I have had to use both fear of public embarrassment and fear of losing money to motivate myself to keep my long term study commitments.

We have programmed a feature called Motivation Helper that will let you lose money, every day that you don’t meet your study goals. There are other websites out there like Stickk and Beeminder, that help you do the same thing.

If you are below the 50’th percentile in conscientiousness, you probably should use both something like Motivation Helper and fear of public humiliation to succeed. If you are at or above the 80’th percentile, then probably just one thing like Motivation Helper might be enough.

I Haven’t Seen Any Exceptions to This Rule

With our program I 100% know that the only people who have succeeded are either naturally conscientious, or they have done something to force themselves to be conscientiousness to study every day.

Personally, I’ve had to force myself to be conscientious. I used fear of public humiliation to achieve my first Spanish learning success back in 2012.

Now the world is a big place so there are probably some exceptions, but I suspect that if all companies selling language learning materials analyzed their customers they would find the same personality traits and effective motivation methods that I found.

Who Should Not Buy Our Program

If you take the online test above and find out that you are below the 90’th percentile in conscientiousness and if you are unwilling to use motivation techniques like Motivation Helper (fear of losing money) or fear of public humiliation, then don’t buy our program. It won’t work for you, because you won’t use it.

If you are a “do everything on the spur of the moment kind of person”, I think that’s wonderful, but you have to become disciplined in order to succeed with foreign language learning.

If you are unwilling to use proven techniques like the fear of losing money, or the fear of public humiliation, then don’t waste your time or money here. You definitely won’t succeed with our program and you probably won’t succeed with any program.

Why Patrick Is Learning Japanese so Effectively

I just spoke with Patrick Donovan the lawyer from New South Wales Australia, who is being so consistent and successful with learning Japanese.

He said that he liked the idea of our Motivation Helper feature where you lose money every day that you don’t study and so he came up with something that is working even better for him than our system.

He Pays His Son $5.00 Every Day He Doesn’t Study

Patrick offered to pay his 12-year-old son, $5.00 for every day that he didn’t study Japanese and asked his son to remind him to study. Now he doesn’t miss a day.

To keep his son motivated, he now pays his son $5.00 per week just for providing reminder service.

This is an even better solution than paying us, because his son is right there in his house and can remind him every day to study at the breakfast table!

Perhaps you can do something like this.

Try Our Free Demo

If you know you are highly conscientious, or if you have decided that you are going to buy conscientiousness somehow, then all you need to do to know if our program will work for you is to try our free demo for at least 30 minutes (more would be better) and see if you can remember what you learned.

Click on the flag of the language you want to learn to try our free demo now.

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