Objections to Learning English with Songs

Not every English teacher recommends learning English with songs. In fact some teachers think it’s a bad idea. If you want to learn English with songs, it’s very important to know what they don’t like about learning English with songs.

The first thing that they don’t like is that most music in English is very hard to understand even for native speakers of English.

The second thing that they don’t like is that the way that words are used in songs is often much different than the words are used in normal speech.

So here are two teachers, talking about learning English with songs who definitely think that there are problems with this method.

The first Video is A.J. Hoge of the site Effortless English Club talking about why he doesn’t recommend using ordinary songs.



This is a longer video by Alisha from (no relation to who has this to say about learning English with songs.


Choosing the right songs and using them in the right way, lets you have all the benefits of learning music, without the problems that A.J. Hoge and Alisha talk about in these videos.

The Songs You Will Learn Here Answer The objections of A.J. Hoge and Alisha.

These songs are very similar to ordinary speech, they are clear, they are easy to understand, they don’t have a rude language and they are really easy to memorize.

Finding the songs on this web site was difficult and it took a lot of time.

When you learn these songs, and when you know what they mean, you will speak much better English.

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