A Complete Course for Learning English With Songs

I have traveled to many different countries where English is not the native language.  I always would meet people who spoke English and I asked everyone this question.

“How did you learn English?”

Some people said they learned it in school, others studied on the internet, or by traveling to or living in a country where English is the native language.

But a few people who had never traveled to or lived in an English speaking country, spoke English very well and had a very unusual story about how they learned it.

They learned English by learning songs in English.  They had learned a lot of the right songs in English and they could speak English quite well.

So here’s a list of 200 songs that are well chosen for learning English.  All of these songs have on screen lyrics (the words for songs are called lyrics).

All of these songs are very clear and easy to understand and sing along with.

What is also very important is that almost all of these songs are American favorites that everyone knows.

To learn English using these songs you need to learn to sing them and memorize all the words.

It’s very important to look up any words or phrases that you don’t know so you understand what everything means.

So here is our complete course for learning American English with songs.

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