Learn Your New Language with Movies (3 New Videos)

Lot’s of people try to learn English or other languages with movies, but it usually doesn’t help much. In this post we introduce you to a very successful method for learning Spanish, English (or your favorite language) with movies.

The original 36-minute video we are summarizing here has more than a million views on YouTube. Our version is only 5 minutes and covers all the key points.

In this video I am crediting A. J. Hoge, and I definitely like his methods, but our long-time readers will know that I have been recommending many of these same methods for years.

If you have any friends who are learning English, I have made two videos about winter swimming that make good English lessons using this technique.

And here is a video explaining some of the more complex vocabulary from the winter swimming video.

As of this writing, we have accurate subtitles for all these videos in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. So right now these videos would be excellent English lessons for speakers of Russian or Ukrainian.

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