Castilian Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish

It’s the longest day of the year (June 21) in the Northern Hemisphere, and I am in Madrid, Spain, practicing my Spanish.

The delightful thing is that I am having absolutely no trouble understanding the people from Madrid, and they seem to be able to understand me easily as well.

People have often asked me if they should use our lessons if they were traveling to Spain. This is a good question since our Spanish lessons are recorded using an educated Mexican accent. Because I hadn’t been to Spain, I didn’t have a good answer.

Until now, all my experience in traveling to Spanish-speaking countries was traveling to Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama, so I couldn’t really comment on how well I would be able to communicate with Spaniards, or with people from Argentina, for example.

In the past two weeks, I’ve met a lot of people from Argentina and was easily able to communicate with them in Spanish. And now in Spain, I’m getting compliments on how well I speak Spanish.

So now—based on more personal experience—I can strongly recommend our Spanish program for people who are traveling to Spain, and all of the Spanish-speaking portions of Latin America.


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