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If you want to fly from New York City to Cancún, Mexico you don’t just fly, you also use lots of other forms of transportation. After you pack your suitcase you probably will start by walking to your car, then driving to the airport. At the airport you might take a bus from the parking lot to the terminal. In the terminal you will probably take an escalator then a moving floor and finally you will walk onto the airplane to fly to Cancún. Each form of transportation is an important part of your journey.

When you want to complete a big project like learning Spanish, you don’t just use a spaced repetition program like You also should do other things that keep you interested, engaged and on track. You probably should also use YouTube to learn Spanish, focusing on subjects you are interested in. You might want to have us make custom lessons for you, but also do things like both reading and listening to Spanish books you are interested in at the same time.

Why You Should Also Use a Tutor

The most neglected and badly used form of Spanish study is tutoring. A tutor can be extremely valuable because if you like your tutor, it is very motivating. You should report what you studied to your tutor every time you meet her.

There are three different and very important things that you can accomplish with a tutor, learning, then correction, then motivation.

Of these three the most important by far is motivation. If you are on a tight budget, you spend as little as 1/2 hour per with your tutor, and only focus on encouragement and accountability. If you have time, you can work a little bit on correction.

If you have a middle budget, spend 1/2 hour with a tutor Monday through Friday. If you have a bigger budget, then spend one hour with a tutor Monday through Friday.

Let Me Introduce My Tutor

I’ve studied Spanish with Maria Carmen from Monday to Friday missing very few days for the last nine months. Please watch this video and then contact us to hire her if you think you would be a match. She does have time in her schedule for more students.

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