How to Learn the Russian Alphabet

When most people start to learn Russian, the first thing they usually decide to do is learn the Russian alphabet.

This doesn’t hurt too much as long as you don’t loose your enthusiasm for learning to speak Russian while you are trying to learn the alphabet.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn the Russian alphabet (often called the Cyrillic alphabet) it’s important to dispel several myths before you start.

Myths About the Russian Alphabet

Myth # 1: The Russian alphabet is difficult. Myth # 2: The Russian alphabet takes a long time to learn. Myth #3: It’s harder than the English alphabet. Myth # 4: It’s important to learn the Russian alphabet before you learn any other Russian.

First take a few minutes to think about what an alphabet is. An alphabet is a method for representing sounds on paper. Easy alphabets have very few exceptions, difficult alphabets have a lot of exceptions.

The English alphabet has a lot of exceptions and the Russian alphabet has only a few exceptions, that’s why the Russian alphabet is a lot easier to use than the English alphabet.

You don’t have to learn the Russian alphabet first either. If you think about it, Russian children don’t learn the alphabet first. I learned to talk and even actually read Russian at a basic level before I learned to say the alphabet in order.

How to Learn the Russian Alphabet in About an Hour

Fortunately if you want to learn the Russian alphabet it’s really easy.

Go to our

Russian Alphabet

overview page and listen to the alphabet in order by clicking the link at the top.

It’s very important to realize that this overview page isn’t really where you will do most of your learning. It’s just a good place to review and check yourself.

After you buy one of our Russian packages, you can easily add this lesson to your study plan and then the letters will be presented to you in a convenient question and answer format.

This makes it easy to review the letters at just the right time and you won’t waste time reviewing things you already know.

If you don’t want to buy one of our Russian packages, you can still easily use this page to learn the Alphabet. Just make up a paper card and cover the Russian letters when you want to quiz yourself.

Each line has the letters at both slow speed and normal speed.

Russian Alphabet

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