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    How I Learned Spanish in 8 Weeks – Videos

    Way back in 2012, I started an eight-week plan to learn as much Spanish as I could starting from  nothing. Before I started I knew how to say Hola and Adios and I could count to ten.

    For eight weeks I studied without missing a day for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.

    I made a video every Friday to document my progress and also wrote a blog update every day. I’ve gone through my old blog posts and organized all my notes in one place.

    Hopefully this will inspire you to learn Spanish.

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    How to Study Our Spanish Grammar Lessons

    We have had several people ask us for Spanish grammar lessons — so we made some for several common Spanish verbs.

    To find them first log in, then click on “Select Your Next Lesson” and go to the page that displays lessons 61 to 80.  The names of the lessons go like this:

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    Para Mañana (for tomorrow)

    Many people who live in the United States and Canada think of Mexico as the land of Mañana.  A place where getting things done on any particular schedule is simply not that important.

    My experience is that anything that  Mexicans may lack in punctuality, they more than make up for in warmth.  Sometimes, when a Mexican says he will do something or show up at a given time, he really means, “I like you.”

    And after all, who can complain about people liking you!

    “No abras el regalo todavía, es para mañana” means it’s not for now, it’s for later (tomorrow).

    Learn to Speak Spanish Mexican Style

    (It’s Easier If You Imagine You Are On a Beach in Cancun!)

    by Pierre Roustan

    Really do that right now.  Take a deep breath, look at the pictures and imagine how much more fun it would be if you could learn Spanish before you went!  Yes, I know, it sounds like I’m trying to get you to learn to speak Spanish the Mexican way with an appeal to your emotions – think of the sandy beaches, Acapulco, aaaah, yes, Mexico. Beautiful, beautiful Mexico.

    Of course you’re right, but if you can use your emotions to help you learn something good, how would you describe that in Spanish.  You’re right.  “Mucho Gusto!”

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