How to Study Our Spanish Grammar Lessons

We have had several people ask us for Spanish grammar lessons — so we made some for several common Spanish verbs.

To find them first log in, then click on “Select Your Next Lesson” and go to the page that displays lessons 61 to 80.  The names of the lessons go like this:

Do not like
No gustar



No poder



Should not
No debería

Not to want.
No querer

Do NOT Study These in Order!

Learning similar sounding phrases at the same time, is MUCH more difficult than learning them at different times.  I highly suggest that you add at least one “non grammar” lesson between each of these grammar lessons.    Also do NOT add the “Should NOT” lesson immediately after the “Should” lesson.

The general guideline is to separate similar sounding phrases by a lot of time when you are studying them.

Remember To Use the “Try This Again Tomorrow” button (which is located below the main study screen) to further separate similar sounding phrases in time.

Delete What You Don’t Need

Most of these are quite practical and very common, but as always when you find something that you are not likely to need, scroll down and press the “Remove Item From Study Plan” button.  No matter how good our lessons are, there will always be a few things that aren’t right for you.

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