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    It’s Learning Minus Forgetting That Counts

    October 21, 2012 Spanish study update:

    Eventually you forget everything. I don’t care what it was, whether it was your first kiss, your first love, or your first language that your mother taught you, you’ll forget it if you don’t remember it and use it.

    That’s the reason why long term learning methods need to deal with forgetting.

    Here’s how we do that here.

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    To Learn Spanish — You Have to Stop Watching the News

    October 20, 2012 Spanish study update:

    If you have a box full of stuff and you want to put something new in,  you will have to take something out.

    Your life is like that full box.  If you want to put something new in like learning Spanish you’ll have to take something out.

    The better you do at taking something out of your life, the better you will do at learning Spanish.

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