It’s Learning Minus Forgetting That Counts

October 21, 2012 Spanish study update:

Eventually you forget everything. I don’t care what it was, whether it was your first kiss, your first love, or your first language that your mother taught you, you’ll forget it if you don’t remember it and use it.

That’s the reason why long term learning methods need to deal with forgetting.

Here’s how we do that here.

Active Recall at Intervals

Memories — all memories — need to be actively recalled at different time intervals in order to remain stable.  If you study correctly with you will do exactly that.  You’ll learn quickly and keep your memories with a very small amount of review time.

If you don’t study correctly with us, you may learn nothing at all.  If you haven’t already watched our “how to study videos”, you should watch our video instructions.

Then you’ll understand how to learn without forgetting.

Spanish Study Summary: Today I studied Spanish from 11:30 a.m until noon and again from 6:15 to 6:45 p.m.


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