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Common Side Effect of Learning Russian

Learning Russian is sort of like taking up a new sport. If you haven’t been keeping the muscles used for your new sport in good shape by playing some other similar sport, it’s very likely that you will get very sore the first few times you do it. You have . . . 
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How to Learn the Russian Alphabet

When most people start to learn Russian, the first thing they usually decide to do is learn the Russian alphabet. This doesn’t hurt too much as long as you don’t loose your enthusiasm for learning to speak Russian while you are trying to learn the alphabet. Whatever your reasons for . . . 
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How to Say Hello in Russian

by Brent Van Arsdell People ask me all the time, “How do you say hello in Russian?” We’ll here’s how to learn to say Здравствуйте, the Russian word for hello, in about five minutes. First I’m going to teach you how to say it very slowly, then at normal speed. . . . 
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