Spaced Repetition for Employee Training is mostly a site for learning foreign languages using spaced repetition. It works great and we have thousands of customers who agree with us.

But our business — like most businesses — has an ongoing need to train new people to do everything from recording lessons correctly, to doing customer service.
Why Most Employee Training Does Not Work

Most corporate training programs are based on the idea that if people hear or do something once they will know it. Our experience in foreign language learning has made us 100% sure that approach doesn’t work. If I tell you a foreign language word once, you usually forget it in a few minutes. The same is true for most corporate training.
Scratching Our Own Itch

A couple of years ago, we expanded our software so that teachers could easily see exactly what their students were studying. After some head scratching — and a lot of training headaches — we realized that our software could be used without modifications to easily train employees to do what they need to do.
Our Managers Love This

The only thing we wish about all this is that we had figured out how to do it sooner. Our managers can now easily see if team members have studied the material they have been assigned to study. We can also easily tell if they studied in an effective way or not and we can easily test them to see what they know! How cool is that! All without writing one new line of code.
Do You Need to Train Team Members?

If you need to train new team members, and if making sure that they know what they are supposed to know is a real pain for you, you might want to try this. Contact Us and if you say pretty please just right, we might let you try it!

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