Why You Should Learn German

German is very important language. Obviously you are interested in learning German or you wouldn’t be looking at this web page, but here are some great reasons for learning German. Of course not all these reasons my apply to you, but remember the best reason for learning a language is your reason.

1. Your family was from Germany. Germans made up the largest group of immigrants to the United States, and it’s great to get in touch with your past.

2. Eighty million Germans will think it’s cool! As will most Austrians, some Swiss people and even a few Italians.

3. BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. These people have been making great cars for a long time, learn their language and you will understand them better.

4. Vacation in Germany. Millions of tourists choose Germany every year for a good reason and so should you.

5. You already can know 40% of it. English is a Germanic language and since you already know English you already know about 40% of German. The German word for shoe sounds like the English word for shoe, and the German word for milk sounds almost like the English word.

6. It’s easy. Don’t let the grammar scare you off. Just because they have three different words for “the” (die, der and das) they all pretty much mean “the”, and you can make every mistake possible with these words and people will still understand you.

7. Books. Lots of important books are published first in German.

8. Science. German is an important language for science.

9. You will make instant friends. If you can speak peoples language you have a way of making instant friends as you travel around the world.

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