Lessons You Should Study Before Going to Paris

Are you traveling to Paris soon?  All of our French lessons will help you, but the lessons listed below are the most important ones to study before you travel to Paris.

Warning:  You won’t learn much by looking at these lessons here.  You need to first become a paid registered user, then add them to your study plan and study them.

Trying to learn from this list is like trying to learn French from a dictionary.  It really won’t work even though the content is all there.

When to Add New Lessons

We suggest only adding a lesson when prompted to add a lesson.  That way you will know you are making progress.

Suggested lessons for a visit to Paris:

1)      Beginners Lesson 1

2)      Beginners Lesson 2

3)      Discover Paris

4)      Public Transportation

5)      Talking with Travelers

6)      Talking with Travelers 2

7)      Checking in to your hotel

8)      Checking in to your Hotel 2

9)      Getting Directions

10)   Renting a Car in France (which I would not do for Paris, only for travel outside the city)

11)   In the Restaurant

12)   Buying Coffee and Croissants

13)   Beginners Lesson 3

14)   French for Travelers

15)   Where are you from?

16)   Dinner in a French Restaurant

17)   Beginners Lesson 5


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