Tivoli Gardens

Have you ever been to a theater called the Tivoli? Have you seen audio equipment from a company called Tivoli Audio? How about Tivoli software from IBM?

What is it about the name Tivoli that makes organizations from theater owners to IBM want to apply it to their products?

The name comes from the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, and once you have been there, you will know why everyone wants to borrow the name.

Tivoli Gardens—a wonderful mix of amusement park rides and gardens, restaurants, and theaters—was opened in 1843, and it’s still a great place to visit today. When you visit Copenhagen, you will probably want to see it, especially if it’s a nice day in the summer. It’s right downtown, directly across the street from the main train station, so it’s easy to find.

When I was there, I had dinner on a floating wooden pirate ship restaurant, which looks like it could sail across the lagoon in search of treasure with just 10 minutes notice.

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    tabitha gikonyo

    I love it. I am planing to go there and will definitely visit there.

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