To Reach Your Language Goals — Buy an Airline Ticket

747 Airliner in flight

Buying an airline ticket can really help you focus on language study!

If this year is your year to learn a foreign language, I have some simple advice.

“Buy your airline ticket now!”  There’s nothing like making firm international travel plans to make your language study a big priority.

Buy your ticket today if you can. Then every daydream you’ll have about the great time you’re going to have will be a reminder to study.

Trust me, it works.

I just got off the phone with one of our customers who just bought tickets to travel to Russia with his wife in six months. I bet he’ll be one of our most successful language students of the year!

I Wouldn’t Have Learned Russian If I Hadn’t Gone There.

On my first trip to Russia, I could only speak a very small amount of Russian. However, those few phrases made me have a LOT better time in Russia than I would have had if I hadn’t known them.

Today I can speak conversational Russian. I doubt I would have ever achieved my current level of proficiency if I hadn’t gone to Russia.

You can do a lot of things to make sure that fun travel also becomes a great language learning experience. For example, I highly recommend staying with a non-English-speaking family. Try to find a family in which at least one person loves to help you learn his or her language.

When you have completed our Level 1, 2, and 3 Package, you will be ready to learn your new language in your new language. You won’t need English-speaking instructors.

So buy your airline tickets now, and get ready for this year’s adventures. The more of your new country’s language you know, the better time you will have.

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