How to Give our Program as a Gift

gift certificate

It’s easy to give our program as a gift. After you make your purchase, you can configure gift accounts for the recipients of your choice and you can print out a gift certificate that looks like this.

How to Make Your Gift Accounts and Certificates

After you complete our checkout process, first make sure you are logged in, then go to the home page for the language you are most interested in learning.

Click on the “my home page” link which will be one of the options on the top left.

After you are on your home page, look to the bottom right of the screen for more options. One will be to create a sub account and another will be to create a gift account.

The only difference between a sub account and a gift account is that with the gift account you can also make the nice certificate shown above and then download it, print it out and wrap it up!

When you are making gift accounts, please notice that the action button at the bottom of the page to make the gift account and the gift certificate is greyed out until you fill in all the required fields.

You Can Make Up to Five Gift Accounts

Each standard purchase of our program will let you make up to five sub accounts or gift accounts. This makes our program a real deal for families.

Happy gift giving.

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