A Customer Says, “I love this feature…”

Study in Order

Our customer Carl Hildebrant of Rohnert Park, California, sent us the kind e-mail below about a feature that probably should be a part of our free demo, but currently isn’t. He loves this feature, and we hope you will too.

Learn With English Prompts, Foreign Text Prompts, or Foreign Audio Prompts

We call this feature “Study In Order” and it let’s you review any of our our lessons in order by using either English prompts, foreign language written prompts, or foreign language audio prompts so that you can be sure you will understand what you hear.
This helps solve the problem of knowing what to say and how to accurately say it, but not being able to understand it when it’s said to you.
We have re-printed Carl’s e-mail with permission and without any changes.
Carl Hildebrant

Customer Carl Hildebrant loves our “Study in Order” feature

“Subject: I love this feature . . .

Hey Brent…I stumbled over this the other day…this is a nice feature. It helps me close the gap of being able to hear the phrase and test my understanding the other direction…and I have all the other prompts as well.

Well done.
I’m using this periodically to help “tune” my ear and force my brain to process purely from an audio perspective.
Really enjoying the Language 101 approach. I find myself looking forward each day to my study times.
Kind regards,

How This Works With Songs

I did a video about how this works specifically for our Spanish song lessons, but the “Study in Order” feature can be used on any of our languages. My personal preference is to do my Spanish review with both Spanish text and audio prompts turned on at the same time.

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