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    The Biology of Language Learning

    The Biology of Language Learning
    August 13, 2015
    Brent Van Arsdell

    This video is a lecture from a Stanford University class called “Human Behavioral Biology” taught by professor Robert Sapolsky.

    The video is cued at where he talks about babies losing the ability to hear phonemes that are not in their parents’ language by age 1.

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    One Comment to “ The Biology of Language Learning”

    1. Amber Noel

      The professor is amazing in his knowledge and his ability to teach his students an understanding of language.
      At age 69, I’m beginning to learn a foreign language, Spanish. I’m finding it to be quite a challenge and I’ve been beating myself up because of how slowly I’m grasping Spanish. After, watching Dr. Sapolsky’s lecture and learning that I have not had phonemes for 68 years and may always have an English accent, I can just relax and enjoy the process of learning Spanish and maybe even pat myself on the back a little for taken on this new adventure. Gracias Dr. Sapolsky.
      Amber Noel

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