Where Do I Study the Lesson I Just Came From?

The Lesson Overview Page (the page you just came from) is not where you study. You won’t learn much by reading these lesson pages and playing the audio files. Please enjoy looking at the lesson, but that isn’t how you learn it.

The Lesson Overview Page is a place to add lessons, browse lessons, and decide which lessons to study.

How to Study That Lesson?

After you have registered you will see a button that lets you add that lesson to your study plan.

When you click on this button (and wait a couple of seconds) it will change color and tell you that, the lesson is now part of your study plan.

What Happens When You Add Something to Your Study Plan?

When you click on Add these Phrase (or Words) to your study plan (and you can only do that after you have registered), the phrases or words will be automatically sequenced at the end of your study plan.   You won’t see the new lesson you added until  you have learned the lessons that came pre-loaded into your study plan.

Our Suggested Study Method

We suggest that you study by first registering and then studying the lessons that are automatically added to your plan.  When you are done with them, you will automatically be prompted to add new lessons.

We suggest that you learn you language by clicking on the link below, watching the video instructions (twice).  Then click on Try It.


How to Add or Delete Lessons From Your Study Plan

There is almost never a reason to delete a lesson from your study plan.  You never have to delete a lesson because as you learn the phrases in the lesson the review times become much larger, so you never waste time reviewing what you already know well.

If you still want to delete a lesson for some reason, you can do that.  First you must be registered and logged in.  Then click on the Manage Lessons button which is located at the top left of your language home page under the heading Study Links.

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