How to Learn Spanish for Homeschoolers

If you are a motivated mom or a dad, you can definitely help your children learn Spanish. This is true even if you don’t currently know any Spanish or if you don’t know as much as you would like to.

Knowing Spanish Now Might Not Help You

If you don’t use the right methods, knowing Spanish right now might not help you at all with your goal of helping your children to learn Spanish. My example of that is my brother who know Spanish quite well and uses it every day in his job as a physical therapist, and who just got his medical Spanish translator certificate, but since he used methods that sounded good, but that can’t and don’t work, he completely failed at teaching his daughters Spanish.

Using methods that are proven to work and then applying them diligently is the key.

So What Spanish Learning Methods Work?

To answer that question you need to find out the different methods that Polyglots, people who can speak many languages, use to learn languages. So when you got to a Polyglot conference and ask people there how they learned languages, they have a lot of different methods. What they have in common is a method of making the language understandable and making language learning enjoyable.

The methods that you choose should be something that your children enjoy and they have to be methods that many polyglots use. You are extremely unlikely to invent a new method that works, that is not currently used by many polyglots. But it’s very easy to invent a new method that doesn’t work.

What language learning is –


Comprehensible input.

Language learning is first listening with understanding and then speaking.

Minimum Effective Dose

Again and Again

What Can Work and What Can’t work.

Rosetts Stone – Yabla  – Pimsluer

Spaced Repetition

Learning Spanish as a Family


Custom Lessons

Religious, Cultural, whatever you want.





Home school families are faced with the difficult problem of choosing for example Spanish study materials for their children when neither mom nor dad knows Spanish. In many areas of life, picking the market leader or the company with the best advertising is a good approach. But not with language learning.

When your son or daughter is ready to learn Spanish, the important thing is not whether the web site is gorgeous, or who likes the program. The important thing is how much can your child remember after studying for 30 minutes.

Fortunately, this is easy to test. Have your son or daughter do the Rosetta Stone demo for 30 minutes and then have them do our demo by clicking on the flag below for 30 minutes and buy the program where they can remember more at the end of a 30-minute lesson.

For homeschoolers, it’s especially important to have an easy way for mom or dad to monitor their child’s progress without having to know the language. The program has a mom, dad or teacher interface that makes this easy.


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