Ten Secrets That Will Help You Learn to Speak Russian

1. You Can Learn The Russian Alphabet in About an Hour

A lot of people who want to learn Russian online are afraid of learning the Russian Alphabet (Cyrillic alphabet). People who have successfully learned to speak Russian know that it’s no big deal. In fact it’s often easier to learn to say new sounds and associate them with new symbols than it is to associate new sounds with symbols you are now using for other sounds.

2. Learn to Say “I Love Russia.” in Russian

If you are an American, imagine how good you would feel if you met someone in another country, and the first thing they said to you in English was “I love America.” Well saying, “I love Russia” and really meaning it will make a Russian feel great too.

Of course the Russians will all ask you why, so be prepared to say what you love about Russia in Russian. Fortunately that’s easy because there’s a lot to love about it.

3. It’s Learning Minus Forgetting that Really Counts

Successful Russian learners know that if you learn ten new words today but forget ten old ones from yesterday, you won’t make much progress. You need a plan to keep old words while learning new ones.’s Russian learning software can help you learn to speak and understand Russian quickly and retain what you learned.

4. Stay Positive

Don’t wallow in your language learning mistakes, learn to enjoy them. Do everything you can to stay enthusiastic and positive. Love your mistakes, they are an essential part of your learning process.

You can’t become fluent in Russian without making lots of mistakes along the way.

5. Once Per Week Russian Tutoring is Useless

Weekly tutoring by itself won’t help you learn much. However, it can be a helpful addition to studying with Russian software.

Human teachers are great at encouraging you and correcting you. software has the advantage of being infinitely patient, available 24 hours a day, and very cheap by comparison.

Also, software schedules your study for exactly the right intervals that will help you develop your Russian language skills much faster.

6. Avoid Educational Gimmicks Like the Russian Word of the Day

There are so many useless products out there for people who are trying to learn to speak Russian–it’s crazy! One favorite is the catchy (but useless) Russian Word of the Day.

If you want to learn Russian online, stick to well developed Russian learning sites like

7. Practice Every Chance You Get

Every time I meet someone with an accent that makes me think they might be Russian I always say, “I like your accent, where are you from?” I’ve had fun talking Russian all around the United States and across Western Europe and the Pacific.

Russians like to travel. After you know a few phrases, find out if they are Russian and, if so, try talking in Russian with them. It’s okay if you don’t know much at first—just try!

8. Grammar is Not That Important

Unless of course you happen to love learning grammar. If you loved studying English grammar in school you will probably love studying Russian grammar.

If you hated it, then by all means, do not begin learning Russian by studying Russian grammar. Fortunately it’s possible to learn plenty of Russian without burying your nose in a grammar book. helps you understand Russian grammar without forcing you to study it by rote.

9. All Study is Self Study

Successful Russian learners know that the best a Russian language teacher can do is to present the material in an interesting way and give you feedback later. The rest is up to you.

The real learning happens outside of class time, with focused, self study. is the perfect tool for self study, whether you take a language class or not.

10. Learn to Speak Russian Before You Go There

Some people want to learn Russian in Russia. This is a great idea, but people who get off the plane in Moscow not knowing any Russian are lost–and they usually stay lost! While I highly recommend learning Russian in Russia if you can, you should study and learn as much as possible before you travel to Russia.


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