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Here’s what you need to know before you re-publish something from either in print or on the web.

1. If the article has a byline and a link, it may indicate that we re-published it from another source, you should contact the other source directly for permission to reprint their article.

That’s what we did.

2. If an article either has no byline or a byline by Brent Van Arsdell, or another author listed on this page, then someone on our team wrote it.

You are hereby granted permission to re-publish up to two articles from our web sites that either do not have a byline or have the byline of Brent Van Arsdell, another author listed here, or, if you meet the following conditions.

a. You are showing language learning in general and our sites in particular in a positive light. If you are in doubt, contact us.

b. If you are re-publishing in print, you must print “Courtesy of” in an obvious place near the article.

c.  If you are re-publishing on the web, you must post a link to in an obvious place on the same page as the article and near the article.

For example, feel free to copy the link below.

Article courtesy of the Learn Quebecois French team at

***  Exceptions *** Under no conditions should you ever reprint one of the articles from the home page of or any of the other main pages such as

If you want to re-publish more than two articles, please contact us.

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