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You’re Awesome! You’ve Reached Your Study Goal!

Congratulations on reaching your 30 minute Spanish study goal right now.

Most people never reach even modest goals. You just reached one!

Your ability to set a goal, even a 30 minute goal and keep it, is one of the essential requirements for learning Spanish.

A lot of people, never keep their goals — even their 30 minute goals.

The Two Critical Things for Learning Spanish

There are two extremely important things for learning Spanish. If you get either one of these wrong, your change of learning Spanish goes to essentially zero.

Some learning methods never work, some can work if you spend a lot of time and some are very efficient.

First: Many popular language learning methods do not work at all. Learn in your sleep, learning words in isolation, and Rosetta Stone come to mind. These methods don’t work, and it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on them.

When you want to learn Spanish, how the material is presented to you is critical! Not all language learning methods are created equal, and many of the most popular ones have zero chance of working, usually because they don’t present the material in the right way.

Let me give you a short example that shows why this is true. If I handed you a Spanish / English dictionary it has all the material that you need to learn Spanish but you would never learn it because the presentation is all wrong.

Broca's and Wernicke's area

As you learn your new language, you will be growing new neurons in these two parts of your brain.

Methods are extremely important and with the wrong methods your chance of success goes to zero.

2. Psychology is also extremely important? Once you are using methods that can work, the other critical element is that you have to get the psychology right so that these methods work for you.

So those are the two key points. The method you use has to be able to efficiently grow new neurons in your brain (that’s what language learning is) and you have to get your psychology right so that you will actually use the method consistently enough to achieve the Spanish learning results that you want.

Our Methods are Great at Re-Wiring Your Brain to Speak Spanish

The big reason that not all of our customers learn Spanish well is that they don’t get the psychology right.

If you know that you are an extremely conscientious person, then our program will work well with your natural personality and you should take a look at our plans and sign up for the one that is right for you.

Remember we won’t bill you anything until after your 15-day free trial, so you can be 100% sure that it will work for you before you pay one penny.

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What If I Don’t Have a Highly Conscientious Personality?

Well, you are still a wonderful person and you are in the majority since most people are not highly conscientious. But you will have to use some or all of the psychologically motivating techniques below in order to succeed with our program — or perhaps any program.

Most People Are Not Psychologically Wired for Long-Term Effort

Our past has prepared us to like things that pay off quickly, like hunting, not slowly like language learning.

We all want success that will reward our efforts quickly, in the same way that hunting rewarded our ancestor’s efforts quickly — either today, tomorrow, or soon.

But growing new neurons in your brain to speak Spanish takes a sustained effort over time, and only a few of us naturally have personalities that can reliably make sustained efforts over time.

Good News for the Rest of Us

The good news for everyone else is that we have developed methods that make your success very likely.

Take a Free Private No Obligation Online Lesson From Us

Of our top students, who have learned Spanish the most successfully over the years, many of them started by taking a paid private lesson from us.

We are now offering this same lesson for free. You will be talking live via Skype or phone to one of our developers who has a detailed knowledge of how to use our program to rewire your brain to speak Spanish.

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Commit to Losing Real Money When You Don’t Study

You could also use a service that lets you lose real money every day that you don’t study. Ideally, you would do this with someone close to you, but we have programmed a feature called Motivation Helper, that lets you specify an amount of money that you will lose every day that you don’t study.

If you are ready to lock in your success, Motivation Helper may be right for you.

Make Failure Psychologically Humiliating

Arrange for something you hate, like public humiliation to happen to you if you fail. I had my best success ever in my life by doing this in 2012, when I did weekly video updates to my blog and daily written updates tracking my progress. You can still watch the videos and read about it here.

For this to work, the humiliation needs to be absolutely certain. It’s not for everyone, but it worked like a charm for me.

Put Skin in the Game

Arrange to make failure expensive in terms of money. We know this can help, so we have programmed an optional 10% discount that you will be offered after you have checked out in exchange for making your payment non-refundable.

Once again, this is not for everyone, but for some people, it will be very helpful.

Great Methods + Great Psychology = 95% Success and 5% Failure

Our methods have been very good at re-wiring brains since we developed them back in 2007.  This year we added Motivation Helper and several features that may help keep you motivated.

We’ve also added a feature that counts the number of days that you study in order. So we will keep track of your study streak. Learning Spanish will always require consistent study so we track it for you.

We have a bar that shows your progress towards you language learning goal and we have a leaderboard that will show everyone how your study time compares to the study time of other students on our site.

This will be a big help to those of you who have a competitive nature.

Ready to get started? If so…

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But the psychology of Spanish learning success is very important so some of you should read more about it below.

Burn Your Boats!

Make your decision to learn a language irrevocable.

After the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez landed in Mexico intending to conquer the Aztex, he burned his boats to prove to his men that there was no going back. The only options were to conquer or die.

What can you do to make failure reprehensible?


Write Down Your Personal Heaven and Hell

Write down the answers to two questions. 1. How much better will your life get if you learn Spanish well.

2. Now write down how much worse your life might get if you don’t learn Spanish well. Most people are pretty good at the first question but they may need help with the hell question so here is a little bit of help.

Do you like to travel where you would need to speak Spanish? What would happen if you got sick like I did and ended up in a hospital where I couldn’t talk to the nurses. Or what if you have to deal with the police and you don’t speak Spanish?

Beware of What Your Ancestors Have Wanted for Thousands of Years

Pentecost - Language Learning

Magical language learning has been appealing for thousands of years.

There is an ancient story of magical and instantaneous language learning in the book of Acts in the Bible.

There is no doubt that it is an interesting story and has been an interesting story for thousands of years.

In our more honest moments, we will admit that it is what we all want. We all want to have wonderful new skills without all the bothersome effort required to achieve them.

Advertisers know what we want and will try to try to sell you programs with claims like “Learn SpanishLike a Child” — Rosetta Stone and “Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes per day, or Pimsleur Approach “Learn Spanish” in 10 days.

They promise us miraculous language learning, with claims very close to the claims of magical language learning in the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts in the Bible.

We all want magical language learning to exist, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t really exist.

Learning Spanish will take some hard work over time.

What Should You Do Now?

What you should do now!

Decide whether you have already tested our program enough to know whether it will work for you. If so, then ask if you can get the psychology right?

Are you in the top 10% of conscientious people that you know? Do you buy planners and then use them religiously? Do your friends say that you are very reliable? Do you have a long record of being able to achieve long-term projects without much outside help?

If so, then click here to view our plans. You will do just fine.

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What Happens if You Give Yourself an Excuse to Fail?

Don’t give yourself an excuse to fail.

Guess what? You will fail. If you’re not super conscientious, you will have to use some or all of the well-proven features above and our well proven software.

You also should move yourself in the direction of irrevocable success, by signing up for our program right now.

We won’t charge you anything for the first 15 days that you use our program, so you have half of a month to make sure that it will work for you.

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